marzo 3, 2021

Ayurveda, a further help

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Ayurveda is a science whose knowledge takes its beginnings thousands of years ago. The Science or Wisdom of Life. Ayurveda is a stream of knowledge transmitted from generation to generation from “eternity by the creator (Brahma)”, in the sense that its origin has not been identified – until the first texts appeared, Ayurveda defines Ayuh life as the intelligent coordination of our four parts: the soul, the mind, the senses and the body, with the whole of nature and the cosmos.


According to its definition, Ayurvedic medicine views health as more than the absence of disease. Health is not just a state of the body. We interact with the seasons, the planetary changes of the earth and the moon, other planets, as well as with the daily relationships that orbit within our lives, our loved ones and friends, co-workers, in this sense, we affect and are affected by every other animate and inanimate thing that exists.


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